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Who is Kinetic Mas?

Kinetic Mas are the producers of Trinidad & Tobago's 2020 Band of the Year presentation Mas Pieta! In 2023, in addition to our Tuesday presentation, we have decided to expand our production to include a Monday presentation entitled Exhale


Kinetic Mas is the evolution of Monday Mas!


You, THE PEOPLE came to our various STREET PARTIES and jammed with THE LONGTIME BAND over the years each time achieving a state of EUPHORIA! Now after two years it’s time to EXHALE with Kinetic Mas in 2023!!! We look forward to having you once again

When is the deadline for registration?

Kinitec Mas’ presentations for T&T Carnival 2023 are opened until 16th February 2023 or while stocks are available. 

What are my payment options?

There are two options - In the Mascamp, or online at www.kineticmas,com. We accept all major Credit and Visa Debit cards for online payments. Payment may be made in full or by paying a deposit on registration and making a balance payment to complete your order.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO PAY YOUR COSTUME BALANCE BY MIDNIGHT on 17th February 2023 if the deposit option is chosen.  Costumes may be sold and deposit forfeited if balances are not paid on time.

What do I need for registration?

Online - You will need to create an account and register with us.

At Mascamp - Come in and fill out forms.

Do I need an ID to collect my costume?

Yes, you will only be given a costume with your ID providing that you are the purchaser or the authorized collector on our system.

Can another person collect on my behalf?

Yes.  You must nominate the person through your account on our online booking system (MASOS). You can do this at any time before the distribution date by logging on to the portal.


When is costume distribution?


The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all masqueraders and posted on our website and social media platforms.  The final date of costume distribution is Friday 17th February 2023 – after which all uncollected costumes are no longer available. If you are coming in from abroad and have no one to collect on your behalf, please email us at


What do I get when I come to costume distribution?


You will receive your costume, a Kinetic Mas goodie bag filled with carnival essentials & wristband.

PLEASE NOTE: Your costume is not complete without your wristbands.


I have a comment/complaint – who do I speak to?


Please send any comments to or via our contact form.


What does my all-inclusive package include?


Kinetic Mas’  all-inclusive package includes beverages & meals (Tuesday only,) three all-star brass bands, on-site first aiders, security, mobile restrooms and of course, your costume.


Where does the band meet?

The assembly point will be disclosed upon costume collection, but we will cater for a convenient point where your belongings will be secured.


What time does Kinetic Mas Carnival Monday parade begin?

On Monday we move off at 3pm

On Tuesday we move off at 9am


Need to know more?


Please email with your questions.

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