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Kinetic Mas

Kinetic Mas

Kinetic Mas Limited, will be producing our inaugural presentation for Trinidad Carnival 2020 – Mas Pieta. The presentation is designed by renowned designer Mr. Peter Minshall whose accolades within the Trinidad Carnival scene speak for themselves.

Who is Kinetic Mas?

Though Kinetic Mas Limited may be a new entity we are by no means new to carnival, nor the production of mas; our principals have over 75 years of carnival experience and have produced numerous carnival presentations throughout the years.  With this production we aim to produce an experience which not only delights our masqueraders for Carnival 2020, but also ensures maximum satisfaction to all our stakeholders.

Carnival 2020 offering

Kinetic Mas Limited’s production of Minshall’s Mas Pieta guarantees to be one of the focal centerpieces for Carnival 2020. With 4 acts consisting of over 20 sections, Mas Pieta is sure to attract the eyes of Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean and the World and promises to be etched into the chronicles of our history. The band will parade the streets of Port-of-Spain on Carnival Tuesday and provides live musical entertainment along with a food & drink inclusive experience for all our patrons.

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